A unique and contemporary dental institute founded specifically to provide a fixed practical environment where teachings can be applied on individual workstations and accommodate flexible Evidence Based Dentistry.

CIDE has been developed as an ideal facility for both local and international lecturers to share theory and practical expertise while intuitively imparting their knowledge with each dentist in practice.

We have spared no expense to create 12 optimal individual workstations to enable the most innovative of dental course experiences.

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The mission of the Centre for Innovative Dental Education (CIDE) is to provide a closed educative environment conducive to Evidence Based Dentistry with relevant clinical active treatment via state-of-the-art techniques and materials.


CIDE was founded by Michael Smulders and Walter van Driel after over 20 years extensive experience in post graduate dental lecturing across numerous locations, including universities. Their exposure and understanding of lecturer needs built on their vast experience gave rise to this unrivalled facility – unique in its ability to pair the lecturer and dentist need for tangeable results with immediate effect following a course.


CIDE is located at the Groot Hertoginnelaan 23 in The Hague. This beautiful avenue is easy accesible both by car or public transport. The city centre of The Hague as well as the beach of Scheveningen are on 'walking distance'.

This CIDE website is an important factor. Here you will find the current course offerings and the registration of all courses is done 'online'. Furthermore you, as a course participant, have the ability to enter a restricted area (student area) and to chat with and ask questions at your course attendees and the teacher(s).